Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Asian Chicken Wrap

Asian Chicken Wraps

Printable Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes
Serves 2

2 soft tortillas (I like to use whole grain or spinach or, like this photo, tomato basil)
Handful of mixed salad greens
Slathering of wasabi mayo (wasabi paste mixed with your favorite mayo (mine lately is Hellmann’s Olive Oil Mayo) ratio: as much/little heat as you like
Slices of roasted chicken (covering about 1/3 of tortilla, down the center) I like to roast a chicken to have on hand, but store bought rotisserie chicken works too
Slices of Japanese marinated ginger (if you love sushi, you know how delicious this is), patted dry
Small handful of arugula or mixed greens

1. Lay tortillas flat and slather a layer of wasabi mayo all over. Add the chicken down the center of the tortilla, starting from the top (which will be left open) to about 2 inches from the bottom. Cover with a thin layer of ginger and greens.

2. Fold bottom up over chicken and then fold in from one side and then the other.

3. Serve and enjoy.

This is great for picnic lunches. Just wrap each one in foil or plastic wrap. Because it’s chicken, it’s wise to either a) keep in a cooler until serving; or b) eat within an hour of preparing.

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