Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Roasted Spicy Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Spicy Sweet Potatoes
From New Vegetarian ( I found this in my drafts, waiting for a photo which will follow soon, but I didn't want you to miss out on a tasty dish - especially if you're following The South Beach Diet)

Printable Recipe

Soaking time: 30 minutes
Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Roasting time: 30 minutes
Serves 4

12 shallots, unpeeled
8 garlic cloves, unpeeled
2lb/1kg orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
1 tsp coriander seeds, crushed
2 red Serrano chilies
1/3 cup olive oil
Kosher salt & freshly ground pepper to taste

1. Put the shallots and garlic in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Let soak for 30 minutes, drain and peel. The skins should easily slip off.

2. Preheat the oven to 400°F/200°C

3. Transfer the shallots and garlic to a roasting pan, large enough to hold all the sweet potato chunks. Add the sweet potatoes, coriander seeds and whole chilies. Add the olive oil, salt and pepper and toss well to coat.

4. Roast for about 30 minutes, until the sweet potatoes are golden and tender. Shake the pan from time to time and brush the vegetables with the pan juices. DO NOT stir or toss, you’ll only get mashed veggies.

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