Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Steamed Nova Scotia Lobster

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20-25 minutes

Serves 2

2 lobsters ( 1½ lb/680g each)
16oz/ ½ liter sea water (if you’re lucky enough to get some from your lobsterman)
That much water plus 1 tbsp sea salt


1. Allow the salted water to come to a boil in a very large pot . I use my big stock pot for this.

2. Remove rubber bands on claws and place head first in the water. Quickly cover and allow to steam for about 20 minutes.

Tip from Anita Stewart's Canada is to plunge the cooked lobster in a sink of ice water for 30 seconds to to prevent the meat from sticking to the shell.

3. To get to the meat, Nova Scotia lobstermen style..
A)Hold the lobster with one hand on the hard front (includes the claws)shell and the other on the articulated back (includes the tail) and twist apart.
B) Lay tail portion on the cutting surface - hard shell side up - and press down firmly until you hear a crack. Turn over and twist the very tip of the tail off.
C)Pull the meat out or.. if that's too hard, cut the softer under belly shell and pull the tail meat out that way.
D) Remove the claws from the front shell and using a hammer or cleaver crack across the large claw shell - try not to cut through the meat. separate the shell halves and genly pull out the meat.
E) Back to the hard front shell... remove and discard the part behind the eyes. I personally love chomping on the skinny legs, but some people just eat the claws and tail portions.

And now for the extra treat... save the shells in a large zip lock baggie and freeze them to make the most delicious stock ever - great for lobster risotto and lobster bisque.

Back to eating your freshly steamed lobster... All you need is squirt of lemon juice or, if you’re really in a decadent mood… some melted garlic butter for dipping.

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