Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Amazing Jerked Honey Rum Glaze

Jerked Honey Rum Glaze
Perfect for roasted or grilled salmon, meat or chicken.
From Grilling - Where There's Smoke There's Flavor

Prep time: 5 minutes

Makes ½ cup

1 tbsp jerk seasoning (see below for recipe, or use your favorite purchased Jerk seasoning)
¼ cup liquid honey
1 tbsp dark rum

1. Combine everything in a small bowl.

2. Brush on fish, chicken, meat before and during roasting or grilling.

Recipe for Jerk Seasoning:
Makes ½ cup

2 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp dried thyme
1 tbsp ground allspice
1 tbsp sea salt
1 tbsp dark brown sugar
1 tbsp freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp garlic powder
½ tsp grated nutmeg
½ tsp ground cinnamon

1. Combine everything in a small bowl.

2. Use as a rub for meat, fish, chicken. You can leave it on for up to 4 hours before grilling or roasting.

You can store the seasoning in an airtight container for about 3 months at room temperature. That’s why it’s important to use dried ingredients rather than fresh, which would only turn the whole thing moldy.

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Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Made the jerk seasoning and then the glaze tonight. I am going to try it brushed onto halloumi cheese tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe!

Ruth Daniels said...

Holler, I think it will be great on Halloumi (which I've never tried - at least not yet). I'll be posting the chicken kebobs I made with the batch I made expressly for the photo.

ChichaJo said...

This sounds superb! And versetile too :)