Monday, November 26, 2007

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough - Bread machine version

Rustic Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
From: the Toastmaster Bread Machine Manual

Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Bread machine time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Baking time: 12-15 minutes
Makes 1 thick – 2 thin crusts

Ingredients: Make sure you place the ingredients in the order given. This recipe is for a medium loaf which for my bread maker means 1½ lb (680g) loaf
1 cup water 80°F/27°C (warm)
2 tbsp oil (I used olive oil)
1 tbsp sugar
1tsp salt
1 cup whole wheat flour
1½ cups bread flour
1½ tsp active dry yeast (I used the one for bread machines)
Topping ideas:
  1. tomato sauce, minced garlic, Italian herbs, sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, grated mozzarella cheese
  2. "sauce" of olive oil, minced garlic, fresh thyme topped with grilled veggies - I used cremini & cepe (porcini) mushrooms, artichoke hearts & roasted red peppers, grated Parmigiano cheese

    1. Place all the ingredients – IN ORDER into the bread machine. Select Dough setting and press start. (My machine takes 1 hour 20 minutes).

    2. I used a ceramic pizza stone for baking in the oven. It needs to preheat at 400°F/200°C for 15 minutes so timing is everything.

    3. On a lightly floured surface, for a thin crust divide the dough in half….stretch the dough to a bit smaller than the circumference of the pizza stone.

    The books (and pizza stone instructions) say to use a pizza peel (whatever that is), but I just made sure all my pizza toppings were ready and once the pizza stone was ready I lightly floured it and placed the dough directly on the stone. It’s very hot, so do this quickly. It will have a “rustic” look – which means, it probably won’t make a perfect circle, but if that’s good enough for Jamie Oliver, it’s good enough for me.

    4. Bake on the lower shelf until the edges brown and the cheese melts (15-20 minutes). Remove the stone with oven mitts, place on the tray and bring it to the table.

    If you’re not using a pizza stone, I would still preheat the pizza pans to give the crust a really good crispiness.

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leosatter said...

Wow...this looks like a great dish and I will like to try to make this over the Christmas holiday!

Just out of curiosity….Do you know where I can get quality organic ingredients online? I am now trying to order from online stores only because of various reasons…….can you help me with any suggestions??????

These are the places I have tried:
celebrityfoods (best out of the 4)

Ruth Daniels said...

Truthfully, I'm a hands on girl and like the immediate gratification of seein, liking, buying and taking home in one trip.

That said, sometimes it's hard to find things locally.
Thanks for dropping by.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

I believe that some amount of dough shrinkage is a normal thing, but I've never used whole wheat flour before, so perhaps that's a part of what you're seeing. If you still want to go the whole wheat route, I've read that its common to have a mix of whole wheat and all purpose flour in pizza dough instead. *shrugs*

One more thing that has been good for me with home-made pizza: make the oven (or the grill--it might be easier to get it hotter than your oven) *really* hot and let the stone preheat longer (e.g. 600 deg for about 45min). Just be sure that you have some good oven mitts before you go to handle the stone (I burnt clean through mine doing this...). You'll get that brick oven kind of taste on the crust.

Ruth Daniels said...

Mike, thanks for the tips. I did do a mix of flours and...I WISH I still had my BBQ to really heat things up, but the oven at 450 is about as hot as I can get it. Good idea about leaving the stone in longer than the 20 minutes it calls for.

Anonymous said...

a "Peel" is the wooden paddle that you use to transfer pizza to the hot stone which is pre-warming in the oven....then you use it to remove from the oven. Tip - toss cornmeal on the peel and on the stone prior to transfer

Ruth Daniels said...

Anon, thanks for the tips.