Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
From The Healthy Kitchen

Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Baking time: 30-40 minutes
Final cooking: 5-10 minutes

Serves 4

1 large Butternut squash (about 2½ lb/1kg) or any other winter squash, peeled, seeded & cut into 2” pieces
2 medium onions, peeled and quartered
3-4 large cloves garlic, peeled but left whole
2 tart, firm apples, peeled, cored & quartered
2-3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Salt & red chili powder (I used Aleppo chili pepper) to taste
4-5 cups vegetable broth

1. Pre heat the oven to 400°F/200°C and line a rimmed baking sheet with foil.

2. In a large bowl, toss the squash, onion, garlic and apples with olive oil, salt & chili powder.

3. Transfer to the lined baking sheet and roast for 30-40 minutes (until all the vegetables are tender and lightly browned), stirring two to three times during the roasting.

4. Put the vegetables in a large Dutch oven with 4 cups of broth and puree using an immersion blender (other option to puree is to put half the veggies in a food processor with 2 cups of broth, pulse until pureed and transfer to the pot…repeat with the rest of the veggies and broth).

5. Bring to a simmer and taste for seasonings. If the soup is too thick, add more broth.

Serve with a dollop of Cilantro Walnut Pesto and some crunchy multigrain bread or multigrain scones.

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